bandpicture of the death metal band fleshworks


Dirk Frenking – Vocals

Sven Rahe – Guitar

Jens Wendlandt – Bass

Alexander Schmidt – Battery

Sven Sievering – Guitar


The death metal band FLESHWORKS from Osnabrück was formed in November 2008 in order to create a brute and vicious kind of death metal. The members – all of them are accomplished musicians belonging to the North German metal scene – already played in several bands such as Black Destiny, Fetocide, Aird Righ, Branded Skin, Nebelheer and Ripped2Shreds and thus gathered lots of experience in performing live and songwriting. FLESHWORKS are revitalizing the old school spirit by an innovative way of playing and do not let passing trends lead them astray. Yet the band’s biggest strength becomes apparent as soon as FLESHWORKS enter the stage. The intensity of their performance and the conspicuous enthusiasm for playing live is electrifying and turns every venue into a mosh pit.


foto by Ey Paul